Would you like to work for a local, cheerful, supportive, independent business, currently based in friendly, sporty hotspot Putney, in SW London?
Barnes Bikes is part of a family business that began from a market stall at Camden Lock in the 1990s. Barnes Bikes opened in autumn 2020 and is an urban bicycle boutique for the modern cyclist. Our aim is to get as many people as possible - who live in our cities - out of their cars and onto bikes.


Based SW London


Are you interested in a life / work balanced local job?

We need:

Workshop experience essential
Confident with customers
Numerically competent
Calm, tidy worker
Easy bike commute to SW15

    We offer:

    Full or Part Time
    Excellent pay and conditions
    Lots of nice bike perks
    Flexible rota
    Great Team spirit

      Email short CV to:


      If you would like an online chat before emailing CV, connect by DM on Social Media - Instagram Facebook or Twitter