E-Bike Test Ride Appointments

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 E-Bike Test Ride Appointments

Barnes Bikes offers dedicated appointments to test ride E-Bikes, have a full demo of how they work and talk through your queries. Book online below or call, text or WhatsApp our friendly team to chat through your bike needs.

WhatsApp Barnes Bikes 07776 652734


Benefits of E-Bikes


Who wouldn't like to save a bit each month?

✓ No fuel bills or stops

✓ No permits or parking tickets

✓ No ULEZ or Congestion Charges

Barnes Bike Clinic


Our small effort all adds up.

✓ No fuel emissions

✓ One less car on the roads

✓ Being part of a growing movement

Barnes Bike Clinic


Improved mental and physical wellness.

✓ Serotonin boost being outside

✓ Teaches our children healthy habits

✓ Peer to peer positive influence  

Cycle Scheme

Cycle Scheme vouchers are accepted - our partner providers plus any other your employer chooses. See our info page here.