Everything you need to know about E-bikes

An introduction to E-Bikes


Electric Bikes, or E-bikes, have soared in popularity in recent years and there’s no sign of it fading. In the Netherlands, the sale of E-bikes has overtaken that of conventional bicycles and they have been the most sold bike for the last two years. The Netherlands has long been a trend setter in urban cycling; and the sale of E-bikes in the UK is following a similar wave. You may have hesitations and questions over the benefits of an E-bike and how they work. That’s okay because this article will help clear up any queries you may have and explain what all the fuss is around E-bikes.


First things first, E-Bikes are fun! The extra speed and whizz that an e-bike gives is thrilling and will make you question why you didn’t get one sooner. From the first second you set off the extra power will put a smile on your face as you whizz down the road. Overtaking struggling lycra clad cyclists as you cruise up the hill will make it all the sweeter.


An E-bike can change your outlook on cycling and how you use your car. A short journey to the shops or picking the kids up from school can both be done on your E-bike instead of in your car. There’s no need to worry about parking either as you can lock your bike up anywhere. The ability to carry more on your bike and cycle around comfortably with the assistance of the motor means many of your everyday car journeys can be made redundant and instead completed on your e-bike. An E-bike is one of the most sustainable, healthy and efficient ways of getting around.


At Barnes Bikes, we are committed to providing the best quality bikes which is why we stock Tern Electric Bikes. Tern manufactures award winning electric cargo bikes that can do everything and anything. From carrying your kids on the back to helping you commute into work easier and faster; Tern bikes have a wide range of folding and cargo E-bikes. Don’t worry though as we will be able help you choose the bike that is right for you and explain how to use the full potential of your E-bike.


How does an E-Bike work?


Using an E-bike is easy and simple thanks to the Bosch operating system used by our Tern bikes. Bosch has more than ten years of expertise manufacturing the best E-bike motors and have created an efficient user-friendly electric motor. The Bosch Active Line Plus Motor on all our Tern Bikes has a small control panel attached to the handlebars that allows you to choose from four different levels of assistance; Turbo, Sport, Tour and Eco. Turbo mode is the most powerful and will provide up to 270% extra power to assist your pedalling. Whereas Eco mode will give you a slight boost to help you pedal along whilst conserving power.  The motor is fitted at the bottom bracket, meaning the motor is directly connected to you pedalling and can manage how much assistance to give depending on how hard you are pedalling. The motor will provide support up to a maximum of 25km/h which is the legal speed limit for E-bikes in the UK and can give a maximum 50 N/m torque, perfect for helping you conquer any hill or challenge in your sight.


Are E-Bikes good for the environment?


Yes, there are many reasons why E-bikes are sustainable. Firstly, they are a Zero-emission vehicle so use clean energy. Secondly, using an E-bike instead of your car, will reduce you carbon footprint by reducing air pollution, reducing traffic and reducing the use of fossil fuels. Lastly, E-bikes are six times more efficient than taking the train, meaning they’re a green alternative to driving or taking public transport.


Can I still exercise on an E-bike?


Yes, studies show that regularly using an E-bike can provide an effective workout whilst also providing cardiovascular benefits. An E-bike does not take away the physical effort required to pedal a bike, but it makes it easier. You need to pedal to receive assistance from the motor, so an E-bike does act as a good form of exercise. Although, an E-bike does give less health benefits compared to conventional cycling, it is a much better option than sitting in your car or taking the train.


What are some of the advantages?


Cycle further, faster and longer.


E-bikes will help you to cycle faster, which means you can cycle further in a shorter time. Taking less time to complete your usual cycling route will mean you have more time to explore new areas and cycle to new places. A range of 69 miles on one charge will keep you riding all day long.





Traffic junctions are one of the most dangerous places for cyclists. Being able to accelerate quickly away from them on an E-bike will make your ride safer. Wide tires and the pedal assistance will keep you stable when going up hills slowly or tackling bad road surfaces and potholes.




Tired of turning up the office sweaty and exhausted after battling into a headwind along Embankment or struggling up Richmond Hill. An electric bike can make this a thing of the past, your commute can be enjoyable even if your office doesn’t have showers. Being a mountain of sweat when turning up to the pub or work doesn’t have to be a problem, E-bikes can keep you smiling even if you’re in a hurry.




E-bikes can be used for many different activities and purposes meaning they are extremely versatile and practical. The racks on the back of our Cargo E-bikes can carry up to 60kg so they can support children sitting on the back or any shopping or bags that you need to carry. The addition of a front rack means you can carry your child or children on the back seat whilst carrying any bags on the front. A folding E-Bike, like the Tern Vektron S10, can be stored under your desk at work or at home if space is limited.  


The Future


With the introduction of more low emission zones in London, there has never been a better time to get an E-Bike. Avoid the congestion charge and packed London transport and power around London on two wheels. As part of the government’s £2 billion cycling investment, cycling infrastructure in London and around the country is being improved. Much improved cycle lanes and more of them, will make cycling in London more enjoyable and safer.


P.S We know Hammersmith Bridge might make cycling locally a bit more complicated, but an Electric Bike will certainly help you complete that detour over Putney or Chiswick Bridge far quicker.

Blog By Dominic Thomas
Barnes Bikes Team

Photo by Dominic Thomas