Cycle the Seven Hills of Lisbon

Portugal is one of the UK’s favourite place to visit. From natural to urban landscapes, Portugal seems to have the full range of opportunities for visitors. Not to mention the weather that benefits all sorts of outside activities, including our personal favourite, bike riding. Lisbon is famously known by its unique character, offering both urban and natural landscapes. The opportunity of seeing all of this on wheels seems appealing and practical.

It is important to think about your bike sightseeing realistically. In this context, it is essential to know the context and conditions of the place you are visiting. First important detail, Lisbon is known as the city of seven hills. This idyllic name is part of the city’s ethos. However, as you may imagine, “seven hills” might frighten any enthusiastic cyclists. But do not fear because there are a lot of available choices for a cyclist to choose from that solve this obstacle. As such, Lisbon is the perfect scenario for an electric bike.

Lisbon has so many options in terms of bike tours and rental. In the last few years, there was a significant growth in bike tourism which allows diversity of services for all types of riders. In this context, Cycling Lisbon is a company that offers many options in terms of tours and bikes that you can rent. You can choose to ride freely in the city or to be accompanied by a tour guide. This last option gives you the benefit of sightseeing with a resident of the city, knowing that you are truly visiting the essence of Lisbon. A bonus of the guided tours is that you can opt to use an electric bike. This will improve your experience and assist you to experience this city's life to its best. Another option is to rent an electric bike and freely visit the city and its hills. This option is available with the company Cycling Rentals. Here you can pick and choose from a selection of e-bikes.

The options for bike tourism are unlimited in a city like Lisbon. It is essential to understand what kind of option better suits the rider. If you are looking for a more comfortable experience, we recommend a tour with a local guide such as Cycling Lisbon. You will have a safe and guaranteed satisfaction on your tour because of the extensive experience of this local company. This will allow you to get the best out of your visit. If on the other hand, you are looking for an adventurous and flexible experience our suggestion is to rent a bike (electric or hybrid) and freely discover every corner of this amazing city with Cycling Rentals.

In terms of places to visits, the options are again extensive. However, like in every major city there are certain places you must go, specifically if it is your first time visiting. The following list contains the main places to visit (all of them compatible with your bike):
⁃ Saint George castle (Castelo de São Jorge)
⁃ Belém tower (torre de Belém)
⁃ Jerónimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos)
⁃ Alfama neighbourhood
⁃ Old town square (Terreiro do Paço or Praça do Comércio)

These five main landmarks are then connected with much more that the rider will find along the way. A big part of bike tourism is discovering the secrets of the city. Lisbon is a great city for finding new and interesting places in every corner. Do not forget that locals, called “alfacinhas” are always ready to help if you need directions. The spirit of this charismatic city is contagious, and you will surely love it as much as I do!

Blog by Sara Nogueira
Barnes Bikes Team

Photo by Dominik QN. A tower under purple skies in Lisbon, Portugal